How To Join

How To Join

How to Join Buy Fresh Buy Local Central Texas

Add your farm or market to a movement that celebrates our local food systems and cultures in Central Texas while spreading the word about your farmers’ market, CSA program or farm stand. As a member of the Buy Fresh Buy Local Central Texas chapter, you’ll increase your customer base and benefit from members-only marketing support with a strong and identifiable brand that stands for integrity and a commitment to sustainability and the environment. Now all of Central Texas’ excellent and varied farmers and ranchers who reach people directly in a farm-to-consumer method through markets, CSAs and their own farm stands can broadcast with a dynamic and qualified brand that promotes all of the region’s best agriculture products.

Oh, and did we mention that first-year membership is FREE?

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Buy Fresh Buy Local Membership Types:

  • Farmers’ Market Member
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Member
  • Farm Stand Member
  • Farmer Member

Why Join Buy Fresh Buy Local Central Texas?

Innovative Regional Branding and Advertising Campaign

Buy Fresh, Buy Local Central Texas has contracted with experienced media relations and advertising specialists to develop a marketing and branding campaign that will highlight this local food campaign across different media - from good o'l fashioned signage to digital mobile marketing and search engine optimization. is optimized to be useable on any mobile or desktop device, maximizing usability.By becoming a Buy Fresh, Buy Local Central Texas member, you will increase your exposure through these outlets and find new customers to drive sales.

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Increase Your Web Presence

When you join as a Buy Fresh, Buy Local member, you are listed on the website as an official member. Your location, contact information, and what you offer is listed on the website for our users to access.

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Promotions Package

Once you become a member, you can expect to receive promotional materials to help you promote how Fresh and Local your products are! This includes a high quality metal gate sign, pamphlets and brochures, and membership guidebooks. We'll also include a digital promotions package, which will include the Buy Fresh, Buy Local Central Texas logos.


Membership Guide Listing

Every year, we create a Buy Fresh, Buy Local Membership Guide that will be distributed across Central Texas to promote your farm or market. We will list each member's location, contact information, and description. These will be sent out to members annually for their own use when printed, as well as retailers, markets, and other consumer access points. Below is an example of another Buy Fresh Buy Local chapter.

BFBL Sample Member Guide

Protecting What 'Local Foods' Means

Being a part of Buy Fresh, Buy Local Central Texas means exactly that - you offer the most fresh, truly local products. Our membership criteria were developed by a steering committee comprised of farmers, ranchers, farm support organizations, and distributors - and they're meant to ensure that the definition of 'Local' is strengthened through this campaign. By creating one centralized area where these high quality farmers, ranchers, and markets can be accessed, we will collectively be able to reach a wider audience by offering authentic, high quality, local products.

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How to Seek Out Buy Fresh Buy Local Central Texas Members

With the increasing availability of fresh, local food in Central Texas, buying local has never been easier—and when you shop at a Farmers’ Market, Farm Stand or subscribe to a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program that is certified as a Buy Fresh Buy Local Central Texas member, you are putting the most nutritious, healthiest food onto your table. You’re also supporting regional family farms and ranches and local economies, and doing your part to reduce your footprint on the environment.

For more information about how the Buy Fresh Buy Local movement is making a big impact: